About Me

One of my favorite parts of becoming a mother was getting to read picture books on a daily basis to my girls. I have always loved reading children’s books and am thrilled that I get to write them now too!

My debut picture book, The Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken, illustrated by David Ezra Stein, was released by Anne Schwartz Books, an imprint of Random House, in May 2021.  The book celebrates the beauty and differences in all creatures and was many years in the making.  I am excited to be able to share it with all of you.

Jennifer Frank

More About Me…

I live and work out of my home in a suburb of Boston, MA.  I live with my three daughters, Emma, Abby and Olivia, my husband Sam, and our schnoodle Lola.  When I’m not writing, I enjoy curling up on my couch reading, spending time with my family, riding my bike (both indoors and outdoors), and taking long walks with my husband.

Like many parents, my story telling journey began when my daughters were born and I started reading to them every day.  We took so many trips to our local bookstore to sit and read that my girls started calling it the library.  When my two oldest daughters were 3 and 5 years old, they were diagnosed with Celiac Disease which meant they could not eat wheat or gluten.  For my girls, this meant having to bring their own pizza and cupcakes to every birthday party and just generally feeling different from their friends.  I started making up stories for them in order to help them when they were feeling sad about being different.  The Worm Family was born from those stories, but along the way I learned that writing a picture book was more than just coming up with a story.  

Raising my three girls and working in various marketing and non-profit management jobs, did not leave much time for my own writing.  So for years, those stories were stored in a drawer until I found the time to devote to writing and re-writing them.  I have learned that not giving up, and edits are the key to success.  I joined SCBWI, took an online class at the Children’s Book Academy, and found a community of writers like myself.  Much of my knowledge of children’s books has come from their fabulous classes, conferences, workshops, and critique groups.  My hope is to have many more picture books to share with the world and I am working hard, writing and revising, to make that happen.  My daughters, now 21, 19 and 15, as well as my husband, have been my sounding boards for all these years and are proud to see their mom/wife make her dream come true.

Jennifer Frank